How to analyse sensor data

Wiki information (Maybe outdated) data input

Show latest all devices’s dust sensor value on google map

Import KML of all devices’s dust sensor value to google map

Produce CSV file for R or other analytics tool to read

CLI: data

CLI: data> desc : show current data sorting by time

CLI: data> plot : plot sensor data and save  #0: all data, 1: one sensor data, 2: one sensor diff data

CLI: data> server_import : Import data from server’s log

CLI: data> gps_to_map : transform gps data value to google map format

CLI: data> filter_by_datetime : ilter data, only keep data in the datetime range

CLI: setting

Convert the GPS information from log to google map

  1. Get GPS information from log

LASS/Test/PM25 |ver_format=3|fmt_opt=0|app=PM25|ver_app=0.7.13|device_id=FT1_035|tick=500198327|date=2015-12-04|time=20:15:59|device=LinkItONE|s_0=8272.00|s_1=100.00|s_2=1.00|s_3=0.00|s_4=1.00|s_d0=36.00|s_t0=15.60|s_h0=96.90|s_d1=50.00|gps_lat=24.353596|gps_lon=120.523129|gps_fix=1|gps_num=16|gps_alt=8





Documented commands (type help <topic>):


desc  fake_gen  filter_by_datetime  gps_to_map  help  plot  quit  server_import

LASS:data>help gps_to_map

 transform gps data value to google map format

        gps_to_map [Latitude,gps_lat],[Longitude, gps_lon]

        ex: gps_to_map 25.024037,121.368875


LASS:data>gps_to_map 24.353596,120.523129

google map format(Latitude,Longitude,altitude): 24.589327,120.871882

Copy paste 24.589327,120.871882 into google map. 

Show 1 device trace on the google map

  1. download the data you need 
  1. merge all data file into 1 single data file
  1. filter your device
  1. python
  1. import this kml into google my map