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Contributors Type

Contribute Area Description
Architecture top level architecture for this project
LinkItONE device programmer Improve the functionality in the device
Sensor expert Choose correct sensor, develop the code, calerbrated sensor data
Client-side data presentation Develop data export function, sensor data visualization for the end user
Statistic R export Develop analyzer tool and routine by using R
Server-side data processing Develop data filter, statistic functions, data analyse function
Device case maker We need LinkItONE case that make user can easy to take out devices and sensing data
Trainer We need to tell user, this is a good thing.
Pilot Users We need users that interest on sensing the world,and use the information to solve the exist problems.The pilot users who like to share the need to us from user perspective that help us to bring a better design
Data expert Organize the sensor data
Resource donate Donate anything
Data provider Users that actually provide helpful sensor data
Promoter Promote this dream, project
Reference project work on other project that reference to LASS
Product Design Make it more like product

Contributors List

wuulong sheu 哈爸

Owen Ou 歐敏銓

        Great promoter

Jesse Jong

        Promoter, Architecture


Nissin Allelujahnissin


Sung-huan Tsai

        Device case maker

MingWei Cheng

        Reference project,Sensor expert

Brady Wang

        Reference project

Jasin Chang

        Data expert

Ray Tai

        Resource donate


Peter Cheng

Jerry Chiu

Ling-Jyh Chen 陳伶志


Wayne Chen


Philippe Lin (miaoski)


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MakerPro :  自造者創業社群/媒體/平台

CAVEDU: 教育團隊       


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