LASS - Free try


The current free try proposal is open for discussion.  Once it get agreed and the devices is ready. We will open for try ASAP. Remind the detail of these rules may be adjusted.


We try to make our donations helpful for everyone. So we like to share the donations to all of our community. 

One thing important is before you really make it, you may like to give it a try.

Here is the rules that you can get it. FOR FREE

Rule purpose

The purpose we make these rules and procedure here is just try to make the these limited devices from sponsors can be helpful for more peoples.

The LASS have rights to decide who get the priority by consider the contributions to the project.

With what reason you can try?

Anything, just make sure this try can help you. Please also make a promise that you like to support these LASS community. We help you, you feedback. Simple! Maybe start from say "Thank You"

Try rule

  1. In order to have higher utilization, you can try for 1 or 2  week. 
  2. You have the responsibility to delivery to next one or send it back before trying period ( 1 or 2 week ). Find the next one in the request form.
  3. In principal, the receiver need to pay for the delivery.
  4. Please take care of it, if you accidentally break it. You need to pay to fix it. 
  5. When you receive it, please check if it is broken before you proceed your work.
  6. To make it can be traceable, when you send it and receive it, please send a email to notice wuulong at Please let me know your mobile number in case we need to contact you.
  7. The delivery area currently only limit to Taiwan.
  8. You need to update your record in the request form to inform the community the status of the device.

What you can try?

T0: Just LinkItONE

T1 : Basic device set ( include LinkItONE  + LinkIt Connect 7681 )

T2 : Starter Kit ( include Starter KIT for LinkItONE, Basic KIT for LinkITONE )

T3 : Realtek Ameba 

T4 : Qblinks Qmote maker’s module

T5 : GoWarrior TIGER 

T6: ICSHOP donate sensors

T7:  PocketGeiger 偵測游離輻射劑量 *1

T8: isPLC 1.0 主板含Code

T9 : SeeedStudio mbed(ARMmbed) Developer Kit

T10: ( mbed NXP LPC1768 + mbed Application Board ( for LCP1768 )) *4

T11 : Intel Quark Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000*3

T12 : BOSCH XDK The Sensor X-Perience *1

T13: ROHM Semiconductor - ROHM Sensor Shield *1  ( SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101) 

T14: UnaShield RCZ4 *2

Current we have 2*T1 type devices. 1*T2 type device , 1*T3, 10*T4

All devices have ID( sequence number ).

Try Type TryID Memo
T0 T0(3)
T1 T1-B(4,5)
T2 T2-A(1,2)
T3 T3-A(9)
T4 T4-A(10,11,12), T4-B(13-19) T4-B(13-19) user can have it.
T5 T5-A(20) Eth MAC: 0090E62AA4BB
T7 T7-1
T8 T8-1
T9 T9-1 ARM Mbed 贊助
T10 T10-1,T10-2,T10-3,T10-4 ARM Mbed 贊助
T11 T11-1,T11-2,T11-3 Mouser 2016/7/22 贊助
T12 Mouser 2016/7/22 贊助
T13 Mouser 2016/7/22 贊助
T14 UnaBiz 2017/5/18 贊助

Where is it now?

This table maintain the current location of these try devices

TryID Location Update date Memo
T0(3) MINGWEI 2015/10/6
T1-B(4,5) MINGWEI//哈爸 2016/2/06 LASS4@MINGWEI  LASS5@哈爸
T2-A(1,2) 哈爸 2015/10/6
T3-A(9) 哈爸 2015/10/6
T4-A(10) 哈爸 2015/10/7 LASS own
T4-A(11) 哈爸 2015/10/7 LASS own
T4-A(12) 哈爸 2015/10/7 LASS own
T4-A(13) sending 2015/10/26 柏睿
T4-A(14) Kzn 2015/10/7 Kzn
T4-A(15) 哈爸 2015/10/7 科大
T4-A(16) 哈爸 2015/10/7 Yih
T4-A(17) 哈爸 2015/10/7 MingWei
T4-A(18) 哈爸 2015/10/7 User can have it
T4-A(19) 哈爸 2015/10/7 User can have it
T5-A(20) 哈爸 2015/10/17
T6-1 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-2 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-3 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-4 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-5 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-6 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-7 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-8 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-9 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-10 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-11 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-12 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-13 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-14 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-15 哈爸 2015/11/19
T6-16 哈爸 2015/11/19 reserved for 幸延
T6-17 哈爸 2015/11/19 reserved for 幸延
T7 拉夫多西 2016/2/24 LJ
T8 哈爸 2016/5/5
T9 Cris 2016/5/10
T10-1 哈爸 2016/6/21
T10-2 LJ 2016/6/21
T10-3 哈爸 2016/6/21 Reserved for EE Lab
T10-4 Cris 2016/6/21
T11-3 2016/12/27 Reserved for 交大創客社
T14 2017/5/18 哈爸

Request form - Want to try? 

Before you apply the request form, it means you agree on all the rules and information in this page.

If most of the time, the device will be at outdoor and measuring the data, you can try it for 2 weeks. If you use it for development or any others, the try period is 1 week.  

When you get or send out the devices, please also update the table "Where is it now?"

Who Request date Period
(1 or 2 week)
What you want by TryID Receive date Send out date who you sent Memo
MINGWEI 20150813 2 T0(3) 2015/9/20 HUALALA, 哈爸 sent 2015/9/19
寄 Connet 出去
哈爸 20150919 2 T2-A(1,2) 2015/9/19
miaoski 20151005 2 T1-A(4,5) 2015/10/6 2015/10/20 阿海 To ArkLab and 哈爸 1210
柏睿 20151012 T4-A(13)
Kzn 20151019 T4-A(14) 2015/10/22 2015/10/20
Arklab 20151210 2 T0(4) 20151210 Arklab
幸延 20160201 2 T6-17
幸延 20160201 1 T6-17

Contact information


哈爸 臉書


Kzn :