How to enable Blynk to support LASS

Follow this step, it should be easy to enable Blynk to monitor LASS sensors data.

This how-to only focus on the integration procedure. Understand Blynk by visit it’s web site. 

  1. Install Blynk app on mobile
  2. Setup Blynk
    1. Run Blynk app
    2. Create your account
    3. Create new project
      1. Name your project
      2. Hardware model select LinkItONE
      3. Copy auth token and replace blynk_auth variable in the LASS.ino
    4. Setup GUI
      1. setup one Graph Widget
      2. Click this widget
        1. Name this graph
        2. Select your INPUT
          1. If you want to monitor exist analog sensor, just select the right PIN
          2. If you want to monitor LASS sensors, select virtual PIN. The LASS enable all system sensors and enable few sensors by APP_ID. Setup V0 for record_id ( the value should be increased in every loop())
    5. Run the project
    6. If your LASS setup correctly, you should be able to see V0 sensor increase every minutes depend on how often of your loop()
  3. Setup LASS.ino
    1. setup BLYNK_ENABLE = 1
    2. Update blynk_auth with your token that show in the Blynk app.
    3. If you have customised your sensors,  make sure these setup correctly

BLYNK_READ(SENSOR_ID_RECORDID) // sensorValue[0] : Record_ID


 Serial.print("\tBlynk comes to read!");

 Blynk.virtualWrite(SENSOR_ID_RECORDID, sensorValue[SENSOR_ID_RECORDID]);



Blynk web